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Error: "Generic Host Process..". Internet stops working
Please do not jump to the solution by directly block the ports 135/445 using wwdc.exe,d.exe any other tool or modifying registry entries.
Ask them to install the required MS patch and get the status after restarting the pc.
Problem reported:
While browsing the internet or if any Internet activity is going on on the system , the internet activity may stop working. Even though the LAN icon dispayed on the task bar will show as connected but you still cannot browse the internet.

You may get an error message “Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience".
The error message will report about faulting netapi32.dll and svchost.exe.

You may then not be able to connect to the internet unless you restart the pc.

Please be informed that this may happen if the pc does not have the Microsoft Windows OS vulnerability patch (KB958644) installed.

You may download this patch using the latest version of eScan installed on that pc as per the below procedure.

To do this, open "eScan Protection Center" window by double-clicking on the red coloured shield-like eScan icon displayed on the task bar, click on "Tools" and then click on "Download Latest Hotfix (Microsoft Windows OS)" option. This will connect to Microsoft's download site and will download all the required vulnerability patches including the above said one and will install the same automatically. Restart the pc once all the patches are installed.

Below is the link from where you can download the Microsoft patch (KB958644) as per the Operating System installed on your pc.

Do scan the entire system with eScan's latest updates after restarting the pc to be rest assure that the system is free from viruses with the below procedure:

Click on the Windows "Start" button, then on -> Programs -> eScan for Windows -> Quick Scan your system.

Now, Select the below options to Scan:
"Memory / Services", "Registry", "Startup Folders", "System Folders", "Scan
Spyware", "Drive", "All Local Drives" , "Scan All files" and "Scan & Clean".

Please visit the below link for downloading the latest version of eScan and the latest eScan hotfix:

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