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Invalid license key during registration

Invalid license key while adding a new license key for registration


Check 1:

Check if the key being entered is correct and as mentioned in the paper license provided in the CD case of eScan.

Check 2:

Check the product name and the version number of the eScan installed on the system from “About eScan” and after taking the license key from the user check for which product and version number it is (Note : license key for version 10 will not work on version 11 however license key for version 11 will work on version 10) Most of the time the error is encountered because of the same reason that the key is not for the product installed on the machine. We can ask the user to install the product on which the license key will work or ask the user to get the new license for that product. Some times it is also observed that the user saves the license.ini file and pastes it directly in the newly installed eScan product without checking for which product the key is (For eg. License.ini file of eScan ISS is saved and he installs eScan AV and directly pastes it in C:\program files\eScan folder.


Check 3:


If the key is for eScan AV OEM / ISS OEM and is of 2 users license (instead of 1 / single user). In this case also the key will not get accepted in OEM editions installed. Inform the concerned eScan Sales Team handling that region to interact with the customer and provide new key for OEM for 1 / Single user individually.

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