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Key Suspended!

eScan was already activated sometimes back, but under eScan License Information window, the Registration Status shows "Key Suspended!". But eScan real-time protetcion is still showing Enabled and updated till date.


The possible reason for this message is, the key might be already activated online earlier and later the user have modified the characters of the Activation Code from \program files\escan\License.ini file. So during online automatic check of license done by escan it didn't found the correct activation code matching with our database and gave the status as "Key Suspended".




1) Pause eScan Protetcion.

2) Rename .\program files\escan\license.ini to license.old

3) Resume eScan protetcion.

4) And then re-register eScan with the 30 character standard key and activate it online so that the correct 60 character Activation Code will get added automatically from our registration Server's database and will show proper "Registration Status" in the License Information window of eScan.


If still the issue is unresolved then provide the 30 character standard key of eScan to us by writing email to along with the screenshot of that message so that we can check the validity of that key and will be in a better position to get this issue fixed accordingly.


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