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How to display Cloud Protection module in eScan Protection Center in SMB & Corporate v14

: How to display Cloud Protection module in eScan Protection Center in SMB & Corporate v14 :



By-default in eScan SMB & Corporate version 14, "Cloud Protection" module will not be available in eScan Protection Center (ePC).
If you want cloud protection module to be displayed in ePC, then you need to deploy the required registry entries using the "AdvancedSettings" policy from eScan WebConsole.
To do this, On eScan Server:
First Pause eScan Protection.
Go to C:\Program files\eScan folder.
Take backup of existing advancedsettings.ini file.
Open existing advancedsettings.ini file in a notepad.
Add the below 2 lines at the end of that file: (Just add the correct Entry name as per the last number available in that file. For example:If the last entry number in the file is 60 then u add 61 and 62 for each entries as shown below. In this case we have assumed that the last entry number available in the existing file is Entry50, so we added as Entry51 and Entry52 for two more entries to be shown in "AdvancedSettings" option in webconsole")
Entry51=2#2#0||1,CloudScan,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SOFTWARE\MicroWorld\eScan for Windows\MwMonitor,CloudScan,3,1
Entry52=2#2#0||1,CloudScanExt,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SOFTWARE\MicroWorld\eScan for Windows\MwMonitor,CloudScanExt,3,1
Save the file and close it.
Resume eScan protection.
Then login in eScan Server webconsole. If you want to deploy the policy to a Group, then click on that "Group" and then on "Policy". Click on "Properties" - "Policy Details".
Then put a checkmark on "File Anti-Virus" and click on "Edit" button next to it.
Click on "Advanced Setting". Here you will find 2 entries at the end of the setting names, that is "CloudScan" and "CloudScanExt". Select them and set their values to "1". Click on "Ok" to save the policy and to deploy.
You may then either forcefully invoke the download on all clients from webconsole by selecting all pc's and clicking on "Client Action List", "Force Download".
Manually download the updates/policies on clients so that these changes will take effect on those systems and "Cloud Protection" module will be available in eScan protection Center" on all of those systems to whom the policy is deployed. Do restart the systems once for the changes to take effect after downloading the updates or else you can check the status on next windows restart.
Do Note that the Cloud Protection module will be shown only if those systems are having Internet connection on them, else even though if you have deployed this policy you will not be able to see it in eScan Protection Center on those clients. So internet connection is must on those client systems for the cloud protection module to be displayed and to work properly.

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