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MWAV module not updating - Error in Update LOG: md5sum mismatch for....

Query:- In linux if the MWAV module is not updating and if error in /var/MicroWorld/var/log/updates.log is for eg.

md5sum mismatch for /opt/MicroWorld/var/bdplugins/Plugins/rup.cvd

Soulution:- A new updatenow binary has to be provided to the customer. With this new binary the download repository has been modified which will stop the recurrence of the above error.


To get the new updatenow binary for resolving the issue, report to the Linux Team - QA department witth the following details:


1) Product installed,

2) Linux Distro and its released version,

3) Kernel Version,

4) Architecture of the Linux distro (32 bit or 64 bit).


Check for  Linux Commands!





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