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What is a "Autospam Whitelist" in Mailscan?

The "Autospam whitelist" is a list that contains email addresses and domains.

eg:, abc@*, *


The emails addresses as per the list will be whitelisted and emails from these email addresses will not be scanned for content (spam check), on the other hand all emails will be scanned for viruses. If the email address is in the AutoSpam whitelist the below checks are bypassed

1. Content Scanning


3. General Header Test

4. X-Spam rules check

5. Verify sender email ID

6. RBL check

7. SURBL check

8. SPF (Sender Policy Framework)


You can check the "Autospam whitelist" or add/remove entries from the list. The "Autospam whitelist" can be accessed by logging to the Mailscan Webconsole and going to


Content/Spam Control >> Antispam Configuration>> AutoSpam Whitelist

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