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How eScan can take updates from ISA Proxy Server?

>> For eScan to take updates from ISA Proxy server the following step need to be carry out at ISA proxy server


>Open the ISA management console.

>Expand the Server -> Policy Elements -> Client Address sets in the ISA tree.

>Create a Client address set named “eScan”. Enter the IP address of the server on which the eScan is installed. If it is

>installed on the ISA Server itself , make sure that the IP address specified is the internal IP address of the server (the

>private ISA server IP address).

>Expand the Access Policy object, and create a new rule in Protocol Rules.

>Right-click Protocol Rules, and then click New, name as eScan update rule.

>Select Rule action as allow , and then click Next.

>Select apply this rule to selected protocol and select ftp & http, and then click Next.

>Select always in use this schedule option, and click Next.

>Select specific computers, click Next.

>Add eScan in the client sets, click Next.

>Click Finish.

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