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After eScan 14 installation, machine does not boot and goes into eScan rescue mode

There have been reports from customers about machine repeatedly going into eScan rescue mode, after installation of eScan 14.
This occurs on machines which were pre-loaded with Linux OS & customer later installs Vista or Windows 7.
Resolution 1: After machine boots into rescue mode and you see MWAV:
1. Click on Command-Prompt option
2. Change attributes of C:\GRLDR to normal (attrib -s -h -r c:\grldr)
3. Rename grldr to grldr.old
4. Reboot
Using the easiest resolution, customer will *not* be able to use eScan Rescue Mode feature.
Resolution 2 : (customer, in this case, will be able to use eScan Rescue Mode feature):
Load command prompt from repair wizard using windows installation disk.
1) Select system configuration utilities and select command prompt
2) Type the following command "bootrec /fixboot"
3) Reboot

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