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Linux Commands!

NOTE:- Linux commands is required to run on  a SSH terminal either on the Linux distro itself or if remotely from a Windoes system using utility like PUTTY.






1  # <command> --help

Displays the help of the command with various options.

To see the help options for ls command, eg.

 # ls --help

2  # man <comand>

Opens the man pages / referenence manuals

To see the man page for ls command

 # man ls


 # uname

Displays the system information.

Command can be used to know the kernel version, architecture, processor type, eg.

 # uname -a   (prints all system information)


 # lsb_release

Displays distribution specific information.

Shows distribution ID, codename, release etc. (this command may not be available in certain Linux distrirbution).


 # ifconfig

Displays information of the network interface.

To display the ip's of all the network interface, command:

 # ifconfig -a




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