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How to update eScan on a pc having no internet access

: How to update eScan on a pc having no internet access :


You need to download the "Weekly Offline Updates" available at the below link from another pc having internet connection.


 Then, copy the downloaded file on a usb drive / hard disk or burn it on a CD / DVD and then execute the file on the standalone system. Doing this will update eScan's anti-virus and anti-spam database to the recent one as available in the offline updates.


How to update (offline) eScan antivirus on daily basis? 

How to update the Weekly Offline Update file (esupdatebd.exe) with the latest virus definitions?


If you have 2 systems, wherein both the systems are standalone but one of the system has internet access on it and having eScan installed, then you may follow the below procedure daily to create the latest updated Offline file which you can run on the other standalone system not having internet access to update eScan on that system.


You can update the existing esupdatebd.exe with the latest updates present in eScan installed on the local system. Kindly follow the below procedure for updating esupdatebd.exe

1) Download Weekly Offline Update (esupdatebd.exe) from the above given link.

2) Apply / Execute the esupdatebd.exe on  the system having eScan installed and having the latest updates downloaded via Internet ( or from  "eScan Server", incase of eScan SMB / Corporate edition installed).

3) Once the esupdatebd.exe is applied open command prompt and go to %temp% directory.

4) Run the following command from %temp% directory

esupd.exe /update=c:\esupdatebd.exe
Assuming esupdatebd.exe is stored in c:\ root directory.

5) After the process is finished esupdatebd.exe will get updated with the latest update available on the system.( This information will get display in a information window.)


6) You may then use this newly updated (esupdatebd.exe) offline file to update eScan on the other standalone system not having internet access.


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