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After Installing eScan, users/recepients receive a notification emails

Subject: eScan found an email having Virus or objectionable content! Email removed at the SMTP/POP3 Gateway for one of the following reasons.


1. It had a virus.

2. It had objectionable content.

3. The sender email-id was banned.

4. The email itself was corrupted, We apologise for any inconvenience



    This notification message received is by design in eScan.


When a mail is downloaded by an application (a mail-client like outlook express), it is scanned by eScan at the Transport Layer of the OSI and then delivered to the mail-client. During the scanning process, if the mail has any Restricted Attachments / Viruses, it is either deleted or forwarded to the Administrator by eScan. Since the mail-client has initiated and established the connection to download the mails from the Mail server, it has to receive a mail to complete the connection session. Hence, eScan has to generate this notification to avoid the application from being crashed.

A workaround to stop this message from being delivered to your INBOX, you can define a RULE-SET in the mail-clients that mails with the above subject should be deleted or moved to a predefines folder.

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