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Website getting blocked as Malware URL



While opening a particular website if you are getting escan popup related to "Malware URL Filter" as site blocked, then you can whitelist that site by clicking on the "Add to Whitelist" option from the popup shown.


The other way to whitelist that site, is to open eScan Protection Center, click on "File Anti-Virus" then on "View Report", right-click on the line which shows that site as Blocked from the log shown and click on "Add to Whitelist". You may then be able to open that site properly.


If you have any other list of websites which is needed for your day-to-day business/personal purpose and if those websites are getting blocked due to "Malware URL Filter" module then please do send the list of those websites to us through email at so that we can check those sites at our end and if found to be a non-malicious website we will whitelist them from our global database so that those sites will not get blocked further by eScan's Malware URL Filter.

Tags: malware URL filter

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