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Cannot execute/open any Applications after removing Spyware

Troubleshooting  a Rogue antivirus/spyware issue (for example, pc infected with “XP Anti-virus 2011”).


It was also reported that after removing/deleting the suspicious file found in user profiles Application Data folder (or if found in other locations), then Windows File Association for Executable files (.exe) gets corrupted/missing and then if you try to open/execute any application , it will show “Open with” menu.


You may fix the missing .exe file association using the registry files as already shared before. Incase you do not have the reg files then pls find attached file (only for Win-XP) and below download link for Win XP and 7 both.


Incase you come across such issue  and have any other info/fix then do escalate to QA before implementing the fix.


Windows XP File Association Fixes:


Windows 7 File Association Fixes:

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