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"System Shutdown countdown". PC restarts frequently

This info related to Sasser,Blaster worm is now available on our forum at the below link and you may share the same with our customers.:
If you are getting a message/popup saying "system shutdown countdown .." and your system restarts after few seconds, then to fix this issue you need to install two Microsoft patches which will fix the Vulnerability on the appropriate Windows Operating System and the same can be downloaded from the below link.
1) Security Update [b](KB835732)[/b]:
2) Security Update [b](KB823980)[/b]:
Restart the system once after installing the above patches and then you shall not find the same issue.
Please do note that if you have eScan installed on that system then you can also download the above said Microsoft patches along with other Microsoft patches
which are required to fix the vulnerabilities of the Operating System.
To do this, open [b]"eScan Protection Center[/b]" window by double-clicking on the red coloured shield-like eScan icon displayed on the task bar.
Click on "[b]Tools[/b]" and then click on "[b]Download Latest Hotfix (Microsoft Windows OS)[/b]" option.
This will connect to Microsoft's website and will download all the required vulnerability patches and will install the same automatically.
Please do restart the system once all the patches are installed and scan the entire system as per the below procedure to make sure that the system is free from malwares.
Procedure to scan the system:
Click on Start - Programs - eScan for Windows - Quick Scan your system.
Now, Select the below options to Scan:
"Memory / Services", "Registry", "Startup Folders", "System Folders", "Scan
Spyware", "Drive", "All Local Drives" , "Scan All files" and "Scan & Clean".

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