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Cannot Copy-Paste any file or folder

 : Cannot Copy-Paste any file or folder :


Case 1:

Problem Reported:

Windows XP users are not able to paste a file/folder on his system from any Login (Administrator / User).

For example, if i right-click on any file/folder either through desktop or through windows explorer, I can click on the "COPY" option, but when i right-click to the destination folder/path (anypath) then the "PASTE" and "PASTE SHORTCUT" was greyed-out and so cannot paste the file/folder.
You can copy & paste the file/folders from CMD prompt using COPY command.
You can copy & paste contents in text editor like Notepad.
All the systems were having Windows XP Professional and eScan ISS SMB updated till date.

Below abnormal behaviour was found on the problematic systems:
1) In Services.msc : "Extended" view is completely blank (blue screen). (screenshot attached).
    While "Standard" view shows the services but many missing/disabled services, especially "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" service was missing.
   Doesn't allow to start any service manually from "Standard" view.
2) Any Application when minimized is not displayed on task bar, but can be opened through task manager using "Bring to front" option.
3) "Network connections" view shows Blank.
4) If you try to run any application having .msi extension (Windows Installer Package), gives error as "service not running ...."

Solution Provided:

1) Browse to the below path in the registry:
    And the value data was: %SystemRoot%\system32\rpcss.dll
2) When checked through CMD prompt found that c:\windows\system32\rpcss.dll file was missing.
    Replaced the file from our end and restarted the system.
After restart, copy-paste started working properly and all the above mentioned abnormal behaviour restored back to normal.
Case 2 :
Cut & Paste missing

Problem Reported:
On windows XP, after right-clicking on the windows Desktop (OR) right clicking on any folder or file, the Cut & Paste options are missing .


1) Open Registry Editior and browse to the below path:


Then add a new DWORD value as "NoviewContextMenu" in the key named Explorer. To do this; right-click on the key named "Explorer" and click on "New" - "DWORD Value and enter the name as: NoviewContextMenu and press Enter.

Then set the value of this DWORD to 0.

Note: if the DWORD "NoviewContextMenu" is already present then just set its value to 0.

Refer to below link which shares info about this REG_DWORD (NoviewContextMenu):

Restart the system and check whether the issue gets resolved or not. If not then;

2) After restart confirm that the above registry entries are intact and then follow the below steps to register the shell32.dll.

Open Command Prompt in Privilege mode (Run as Administartor) and enter the below command:

regsvr32 /n /i:U shell32.dll

Restart the computer once and check the performance.

3) If still the issue is unresolved then make sure the above registry entries are intact and then try to replace the existing shell32.dll by copying the same file rom other working system.

Once you have replaced shell32.dll then simply run the above command again to register shell32.dll and restart the pc and check the performance it should fix the issue.

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Comment of leira:
What does 'replaced from our end' mean? can you elaborate further? like, how can i replace rspcss.dll? where can i download? i really need help asap. thank you!
Added at: 2014-03-23 14:14