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Cannot access Workgroup pc's. Error: The network path was not found

Below solution is to implemented on the problematic pc which is not accessible from other systems.
This has been reported in eScan v10 and v11 also.
After installing eScan with Firewall (Limited Filter) Enabled, you may be able to ping using ip/pc name but won't be able to access workgroup/pc's (using ip/pc name) and might get error as "The network path was not found".
Thats because the "Zone Rule" details of eScan Firewall will be blank without any default IP range added.
So to add the default Zone Rules on those systems, browse to the below registry entry and change the DWORD Value of "Installed" from 1 to 0 and then restart "eConServ" service from services.msc.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MicroWorld\eConceal\eConceal Firewall\Common]
(Registry file attached for your reference. If its v11 Pause protection adn then run the reg file)
This will check the network ip range and will add the same in Zone Rules. 
You may then be able to access the workgroup/ other pc's properly.
NOTE: This may happen if the systems are connected to the internet through a shared connection on another computer.
For example,  there will be one pc which works as a gateway for other systems to connect to the internet.
And to check whether the systems are using sahred internet connection, open "Network Connections" or click on Start then on "run" and enter NCPA.CPL to view the Gateway.
Registry Entry:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MicroWorld\eConceal\eConceal Firewall\Common]

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