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How to view details of websites visited / allowed of eScan clients from the eScan Web Console

: How to view details of websites visited / allowed of eScan clients from the eScan Web Console :


Bydefault on eScan client systems, only the "websites blocked" events are sent to the eScan Server and so on the web console under Dashboard - Protection Statictics - Web Protection, you will be able to see logs of websites blocked *only* under "Blocked" list. For "Allowed" list it will display as N/A.


The "Websites Allowed" events are not sent to the server as this will create huge events/reports on realtime basis as and when any websites are accessed on clients.


Still, if you want to have the "WebSite Allowed" events also to be sent from eScan client to the escan server and

to view those details in DashBoard" then follow the below procedure to deploy a policy to the clients which will enable the "websites allowed" events to be sent to the server.


1) Login in eScan Web Console.

2) Click on the respective Group from "Managed Computers" to which you want to deploy the policy.

3) Click on "Policy", then on "Properties.

4) Under "Policy Details" select "Notifications & Events" click on the "Edit" buton,

5) Under "Events", uncheck the option "WebSite Allowed", click on "OK" - "OK".


The above procedure will create the required policy in the web console and will be available for download for all those clients to whom it is deployed.


As per the default download time interval when the eScan clients will connect to the eScan Server for automatic downloads, then this policy will also get downloaded on the client systems and will enable the "websites allowed" Events to be sent to the server whenever any websites is accessed on those client systems.


You may then be able to view the websites allowed details in the web console under "Dashboard" - "Protection Statistics" - "Web Protection", click on the numbers shown in "Allowed" list to view the details of websites allowed.

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