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After installing eScan hotfix (espatch1.exe) on eScan Server system, the eScan product version information is not changed / updated

After installing eScan hotfix (espatch1.exe) on eScan Server system, the eScan product version information is not changed / updated.

Error shown after installing the hotfix:
eScan Version Information will NOT be changed as this is eScan Version 11. Pls install Upgrade Build for Version Information to get changed."

eScan hotfix which is available for download at the below link can be implemented on escan client and server systems for fixing any bugs & to enhance product functionalities by adding new features.

This hotfix does not hold any files related to eScan web console modules and so once executed on eScan server it will apply the updated files whichever required for other modules like file antivirus, mail anti-virus, anti-spam, web protection, firewall, end-point security, privacy control (Except files related to web console) but will never change/update the existing version number to the one available in the hotfix. So, after installing this hotfix on escan server you will get the above notification message and later if you try to right-click on escan icon displayed on task bar and click on "About eScan" option or open the web console it will display the older / existing version only and not the hotfix version.

To check the version number & installation date of eScan hotfix (ESPATCH) installed on the eScan Server system, browse to .\program files\eScan folder and open verinfo.ini file in a notepad.

This hotfix when exectued on eScan clients will apply the relevant updated files and will also change / update the escan version on those client systems.

To Upgrade the version of eScan Server, you need to either download & install the complete eScan Setup file or install the "Upgrade Edition" setup file on that system.

Difference between the regular (AV SMB / ISS SMB / Corporate) setup file and "Upgrade Edition" file:

Uprade Edition:
Upgrade file will be of lesser file size as compared to the complete setup file as it only holds updated files related to web console modules. Upgrade setup is only meant for installing on eScan Server to upgrade the web console files for enhanced functionalities. If you install the Upgrade setup it will change the version details to the newer one and will display as "Upgrade edition" in the information window, both in eScan Protection Center (ePC) icon and in web console.

Upgrade file doesnt not modifies or create newer "eScan Client Setup file" already available in .\program files\escan\setup folder of escan server. So after upgrading server with the Upgrade setup, you will have the older setup only for client installation (whether installed remotely from console / manually with the setup).

This will not cause any issue for the client deployment because the Upgrade setup doesnt not hold any files related to other modules (except web console) as explained above. So, there will be no issue if you can have the Upgraded setup on Server and older / previous version on clients. On clients ou just need to deploy / manually install the latest hotfix only which will take care of proper functionality of eScan modues.

Complete Setup:
The regular setup file will be of bigger size as compared to the Upgrade setup file as it holds all updated modules including the web console. So if you install this complete setup on existing eScan Server, then you will have the latest version on eScan Server and will also create newer "eScan Client Setup File" for remote deployment / manual installation on clients systems. Both client and servers will have the same editions, unless a newer updated hotfix not released and applied on client systems.

You can download the Complete setup / Upgrade Edition of the appropriate eScan edition from our below wikipedia link.

Download link for eScan AV SMB / eScan ISS SMB:

Download link for eScan Corporate:

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