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What is an "Update Agent" and how to configure it

What is an "Update Agent"

Update Agent provides virus definitions to the escan client systems.
Bydefault eScan server distributes the virus definitions and policies to all the clients which are added in the web console. But if you want the clients to download the updates from other system instead of the main eScan Server then you can create one Update Agent for the respective group(s).

How to configure / setup an "Update Agent" in the web console?
To configure an Update Agent on a system, you need to first install "eScan Client" on that system either remotely from eScan Web Console or manually using the setup file.


Once you have installed the client and is added in the console's Groups list and updated till date, then follow the below procedure to set that system as an "Update Agent".

1) Login in Web console
2) Under "Managed Computers", Click on the group for which you want to set an "Update Agent".
    (For example: click on the default "Managed Computers" group)
3) Then click on "Action List" , "Properties".
4) Click on "Update Agents" tab and then click on "Add / Remove" button and from the list of escan client computers and select /put a check on the required computer(s) which you want to set as an "Update Agent" for that selected Group and then click on "OK".


To confirm whether you have successfully set the Update Agent or not, click on that Group from "Managed Computers" option and then click on "Client Computers". 

On the right-hand panel it will display the escan clients added and the "Update Agent" also.

The system which is configured as an "Update Agent" will not have a webconsole, but will install an announcement module which will function as an Updates distribution agent by which the client will be able to connect to that Update Agent for just downloading the virus definitions.

Note: Only virus definitions will get downloaded from the "Update Agent". 

The Update Agent will download the virus definitions (and policies, if any deployed) from the eScan Server and will get applied on the Update Agent system.

Then, *ONLY* the virus definitions will be disitributed to the clients belonging to the group for which the Update Agent is configued.

To download the policies (if any deployed from main escan server for the clients), the clients will connect to the main eScan Server only and will download the same (if deployed any). 

Also, all the Events triggered on the clients and Update Agent systems will be sent to the main eScan Server system only and the received Events can be viewed on the console under "Events & Computers".


The Update Agent will not have any web console. The module/application which acts as an Update Agent is the file named "ESERVCLN.EXE" which will always run in the background on that Update Agent system. Unless and until you do not remove this "Update Agent" from the main eScan Server Web Console this will always be found on that system. If this process is not running then none of the clients belonging to that group will be able to download the updates from that Update agnet. 

How to remove an "Update Agent" from the web console?


Follow the 3 steps mentioned in the above Procedure and on step-4 Uncheck the selected update agent system from the list and click on "OK".


This will remove the "Update Agent" from that respective group and that system will act as a normal escan client like other and all clients will start downloading the updates and policies from the main eScan Server only.

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