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How to setup a new eScan Server using imported web console settings of old eScan server

How to setup a new eScan Server using imported web console settings of old eScan server

If you wish to migrate eScan Server on another system due to any hardware/software issue on existing computer then you can follow the below procedure to implement eScan Server on new system having the webconsole settings of old eScan Server.
If the system on which you are going to install new eScan Server has a different IP (and not of the old eScan Server IP) then after installing new eScan Server you need to first edit the \program files\escan\eserv.ini file and add the new IP address in the section: clientInstallOption= /updateserver=
For Example: The entry should be like; clientInstallOption= /updateserver=
If you dont find this line (clientInstallOption= /updateserver=) then no need to add any IP address or modify the eserv.ini file.
The above procedure is not required if the Ip address of old and new eScan Server is same.
Then follow below procedure to deploy a Task to set the new eScan Server having new IP address.
1) Login in eScan Web Console.
2) Click on "Managed Computers". From the right-hand panel click on "Managed Computers" - "Group Tasks",         then on "New Task".
3) Under "Task Name" give a name for this task (for example: type "Change Server" and then scroll down and put a         check mark / select "Set Update Server".
4) Under "Add Server Name/IP" delete all the hostnames/ip's displayed and Add the new IP of eScan Server.
5) Under "Remove Server Name/IP", add the hostname & ip of earlier/older eScan Server.
6) Select the option "Apply for Subgroups" to set this new Server Ip for all clients of all sub-groups.
7) Under "Task Scheduling Settings", you can either schedule this task to run at a scheduled time by clicking on       "Enable Scheduler" and set the schedule so that this task will get executed and will make changes to all those       systems available in the LAN where the connection is successful.  Else, you can select the "Manual Start"        
    option and click on "Save".


If you select the "Manual Start" option then the task will not get deployed automatically. You need to first select this Newly created Task named "Change Server" and then click on "Start Task". Whichever client systems are available in the LAn and the connection is succesful then the changes will be done automatically on those client systems only.


To deploy task for specific computers, you can use the "Tasks For Specific Computers" option.

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