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How to backup the existing Groups & Computers, including the Group(s) / Specific Computers "Policies" and "Tasks" from the Web Console of eScan Server?

Due to some software / hardware related issue, if you wish to format the system or want to install eScan Server on the same or on any other system, then you need to first take the backup of existing eScan Web Console settings and policies so that when you re-install eScan Server you can simply import the backup which will save time in manually recreating the Groups, adding the client computers and creating/deploying the polcies again from the console.


Follow the below steps to "Export" / backup existing settings of eScan Web Console:


1) Login in eScan Web Console.
2) Click on "Administration" - "Export & Import".
3) Under "Export Settings" section, select the "WMC Settings and Policies" & "Database" option and then click on "Export".
   If you slect the "Database" option also, then it will also backup the existing reports / events avaiable in the        
  database of eScan Web Console. This will be of some higher file size and so will take some time to backup the database. 
   The recommended option is to backup only the "Settings and Policies". But if you wish to have the database also      then select Database and wait for a while to complete the backup process.


4) Click on "Download Exported file" to save the file ( to a secured path on the local system or on a
   external drive or on a network system.


Follow the below procedure to "Import" the backup:


1) Install the latest version of eScan Corporate available on our website. You may refer to our wikipedia link for the 


Note: Do not download the Upgrade Edition setup from the above link. Upgrade setup can be used only if you already have eScan Server installed and want to upgrade its version to the latest one.


2) Once eScan Server is installed, then login in Web Console. 
3) Click on "Administration" - "Export & Import".
4) Under "Import Settings" section, click on the "Browse" button to locate the backup file ( and then select "WMC Settings and Policies" if you wish to import ONLY the settings & policies & not the "Database". Then click on "Import" button.


You will now have new eScan Server with the pre-configured settings of earlier installation.
To make sure the settings have been apllied properly, just check the Groups/computers from the "Managed Computers" list and it should display all the client computers along with the policies configured (if any earlier) which you have added in earlier installation.


Additional Information:
If the system on which you have installed eScan Server afresh is not the same old system but installed on other system, then after importing the backup of  earlier eScan Console settings you need to create and Deploy a new "Task" for all the client computers to set this system as their eScan Server so that the automatic download of anti-virus updates,policies will continue to function.


Refer to the below link which shares the procedure to set the "Update Server" for the clients:

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