ID #1223

eScan ver. 11.0.1139.797 (Date: 10-Sept-2010)

  1. Self Protection of files, folder, registry and services
  2. Blocking of executables on USB drive
  3. Blocking of executables from Network
  4. Blocking of Autorun.inf on USB and fixed drive
  5. User defined file block list added.
  6. User defined folder protection added.
  7. Disinfection of html, htm, aspx file infected with script/iframe added to monitor.
  8. Auto backup/restore will only be available for system32 folder in stand alone version
  9. Windows critical patches (recommended by eScan) if not present, will download and install automatically
  10. Stand alone version can be used for updating virus signature in a network.
  11. User Based parental control feature introduce
  12. New Virtual keyboard introduce in escan.
  13. Web Phishing filter feature added to GUI
  14. eScanmon will popup a balloon saying eScan is on trial, and give a link to buy eScan.
  15. Protected by eScan logo will now be shown on Vista, Windows 7 and 64-bit OS
  16. New GUI with Dock animation introduce, dock animation will be disable in systems having memory 256MB or less.
  17. Gaming Mode can be set using trayicon, If gaming Mode is enable tool tip on trayicon will show [GM].
  18. Offline scanning will now exclude files, folders and drives which are set in eScan.
  19. Network traffic graph will be display under firewall.
  20. eflash will be display after installation. (Only when Flash player is installed)
  21. Welcome message will be displayed after installation.
  22. Firewall will block outgoing packets on port 25, only those application present in include.dat will not be block and other application will give alert.

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