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How to check RBL server ?

How to check if a RBL server is working and given IP address is listed in it?


You can customise the pre defined RBL servers in MailScan Antispam configuration and / or Raspop configuration. To check if particular RBL server is working and given IP address is listed in it, just follow the steps given below.



  1. Windows operating system.
  2. That system should have direct internet connection.
  3. Nslookup utility
Steps to be followed:
  1. Open Command prompt.
  2. Type nslookup and press enter
  3. Then type following command


    Press enter



  4. Then type following command
      Set  type = A
      Press enter


 5.  Then reverse the IP Address on which you want to run the test i.e. check if the IP is black listed

e.g. if you have IP address to check reverse will look like; type command as 



You can see Address: field which gives ip address called, it indicates that the particular ip for which we queried is listed in the


 6.  If RBL server is working but Ip address is not listed  then it will show below output



It says “non-existent domain” it means the entry for that IP is not present on the RBL server.


 7.  If you want to check if particular RBL server is exist or not run the same command as above



You can see the above output where it says “Server Failed” it means RBL server is not responding. You can remove that server from the RBL check so that your mail flow timing will improve.            


In addition to above, w ecan even check using PING command. 

To check if IP is listed in, ping in reverse order:

# ping

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:


Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128

If the ip is not listed then the return message will be:

Unknown host:

Some of the Return Code and its description as given below:

Return Code      Zone      Description     SBL     Spamhaus SBL Data     SBL     Spamhaus SBL CSS Data     XBL     CBL Data     XBL     Customized NJABL Data     PBL     ISP Maintained     PBL     Spamhaus Maintained

Spamhaus uses this general convention for return codes:

Return Code     Description     Spamhaus IP Blocklists     Spamhaus Domain Blocklists     Spamhaus Whitelists

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From command line execute this command and you will get the result as / : ping
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