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GIFT Mail: eMails not getting scanned

eMails not getting scanned by Mailscan for Mailserver. Mailserver used is "GIFT Mail".


To scan mails coming to Gift mail, services used by GIFT mail need to be included in scanning, to do same please follow the below given steps :

1) Goto start >> run >> type cmd and press enter.
2) Type mailscan and press enter you will goto mailscan installed path, C:\Program files\Mailscan.
3) Open Include.dat in notepad.
4) Enter IMAP4D.exe, POP3D.exe, GIFTMAIL.exe & SMTPD.exe under the list given in Include.dat.
5) Now goto services.msc , restart Mailscan for Mailserver, also restart the serivces of GIFT mail.

Now, mailscan will start scanning mail.

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