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RASPOP - mails not delivered

Why are emails downloaded by POP Downloader (RASPOP) in Mailscan not delivered to the correct mailbox?


If in your case the configureation done in Mailscan POP Downloader is as below.

Recipient address (forward to):
method: account

If the email address of the local recipient is, and the email sent to him is being sent to by Mailscan, please note that is by design. The email addresses that have "-" (hyphen) as in will be delivered to

If someone has "-" (hyphen) in the email addresses, you need to add/change the below entry

Open the Popserv.Dat file present in the mailscan folder with notepad

Under [Config] section add the entry

This should make the POP Downloader to download the emails and correctly deliver them to

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