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How to view Quarantined and HAM emails

Emails which gets quarantined by eScan will get stored in "C:\Program Files\eScan\QUARANT" folder. These files will have .EML extension. To view quarantined emails, open eScan Protetcion Center (ePC) and click on "Anti-Spam" and then click on "View Quarantined Mails". 


Files located in "C:\Program Files\eScan\QUARANT\FILES" folder contains the email attachments being quarantined by eScan. These files will be stored in .att format. To view quarantined attachments, open eScan Protetcion Center (ePC) and click on "Anti-Spam" and then click on "View Quarantined Mails" and then check the option "Show Attachment(s)".


Files located in "C:\Program Files\eScan\QUARANT\DItems" folder contains emails deleted by eScan if the email contains non-disinfectable attachment. These email files will be stored in .eml format and will not be shown in the GUI of eScan Protection Center.

You need to open the .eml file from the above folder using a email client to view the Backup of the email deleted by eScan. 


eScan stores copy of clean/genuine emails in "C:\Program Files\eScan\Ham" folder. 

To view those emails and their attachments (if any) , open eScan Protection Center, click on "Anti-Spam" and then on "View Ham Mails". 




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